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Fraudulent modern American method of surviving difficult economy. Most often utilized by persons age 25-38. The favorite trick of creative freelancers. You offer your services to a company or person perceived to have money. They of course do not hire you. You offer information or ideas via emails or phone calls they didn't ask you for. Then you start demanding pay for the above.

If they are smart and refuse to pay you, then you accuse them of a lie designed to hurt them, and email them an invoice that includes a threat that if they do not pay, you will spread lies about them on Google.

Don't laugh.

This is now widespread across America.
1. A company charges for what they perceive to be your fault (not being there, for instance) and then sends you an ambush invoice. They have not actually DONE anything.

2. You meet a group of freelancers for lunch. You don't hire any of them. They send you 1-3 emails during the following week asking questions about your project. Three days later, they invoice you. They have not actually DONE anything. You are being billed for the emails they sent you because they're about YOUR project, after all.

3. You ask a person a question on the phone. They answer you. It takes about 30 seconds. Three days to a week later, they invoice you $2500.
by Pinch1968 May 04, 2012
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