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What most (once respectable) Emergency Medical Services Vehicles have been turned into by the Ignorant, Stupid, Lazy people in major cities. see also Medicare/Medicaid MEDICAB, "MY RIDE".

Also, Used to be resected on the roads, but after the invention of the cell phone, is Ignored, REGARDLESS of the 400w of sirens, 2 AIRHORNS, A 400w Public Address System, and STROBING RED LIGHTS!
By many people on the road. (Usually blond and female, but a recent trend shows a rapid increase of Males in Imports.
What many expect for calling 911 @ 3 am because their baby won't stop crying, or need a free ride out of nowhereville.
Once known as an Ambulance, and was used for racing aginst the Reaper, now used as a taxi, Thus AmbuCab!
by The Feline Medic February 06, 2008
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