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Ambergaskins in a viral infection, most commonly spread through contact with the urine of an infected individual. The disease can also be spread through sexual intercourse. The infected will be affected by the following symptoms:

-Instant regret
-Night sweats
-Muscular pain
-Inability to maintain an erection
-Uncontrollable, and frequent bowl movements

If infected it's best to isolate yourself from human contact for at least 72 hours, because no one will ever forgive you for passing on the Ambergaskins to them. Most of the time, the disease will have subsided and you will not experience anymore side effects, unless of course you are reunited with the Ambergaskins once more.

However, there are certain individuals who will become permanent carriers of the Ambergaskins virus. Prolonged sexual contact (i.e. longer than one year) with someone who suffers from Ambergaskins can make you permanently infected, subjecting yourself to endless ridicule, and regret for the rest of your life.
You: Hmm, the bed is all wet again. Was that from your water bottle?
Her: Noo...
You: Sweet jesus fuck, you pissed the bed! I'm going to get the Ambergaskins!
by Puma89 March 11, 2008
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