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1) a generous shit dollop left in ones underwear

2) interchangeable with man hooker

3) a collection of week old farts trapped in a mason jar

4) the act of having a nutsack placed on your chin in public places and/ or eating establishments
1) Motha Fuck! I used wet wipes but still managed to coat my Fruit o'the Looms with an amberfritts!

2) So, I'm riding on campus the other day and a saw an amberfritts on the corner of Warwick & University Place...trifling trick!

3) Went to tha partay, danced, drank, let out a big ol' jar o' amberfritts Ya'll......Holla!

4) Janice did not enjoy it to much when I administered the amberfritts to her in Chick Fil A last Wednesday.
by That Jes Mah Baby Daddy April 12, 2011
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