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1. Amazeling is something which is *more* than amazing. It's more than incredible. It's AMAZELING!!!

2. Amazeling can also be defined as a person who is just absolutely great.

3. If they are an amazeling amazeling, then they would be called an amazeamazeling.

4. If you weren't amazeling, but the opposite, then you would be an anti-amazeling.
Guy 1: Did you see the new Disney movie?
Guy 2: No, was it good?
Guy 1: It wasn't just good, it was AMAZELING!!!!

Girl 1: Thank you so much for helping me with my homework.
Girl 2: Oh no problem, I'm happy to help.
Girl 1: You really are an amazeling!

Nancy: Did you hear what Samantha said today? She such an anti-amazeling.
by Teh Almighty Derp February 10, 2017
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