They are beautiful. They are amazing. They have beautiful eyes and hair. They are talented and smart. And also they are really easy to talk to. They can be trusted. They don't not fall for just anyone. If they fall for you don't let them go. Ever. Has amazing personality and is amazing in every type of way. She is really friendly and makes friends very easily. If you can find one don't let them go.
by Dhuswg January 12, 2017
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The biggest region of Africa is located near lisbon.
The traditional music can include Matias Damásio,Anselmo Ralph and Deezy #NãoPisaNoTapeteDoDeezy!
Our national hero is Pedro Mantorras AKA O ENGATATÃO

Recomendatios:people that leave there at night are like the chamaleons they camouflage in the shadows of the night be awareeeeee
Fui a Amadora e fui gamado
by o engatatao October 5, 2017
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