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Alyiah Lyn is the most beautiful girl you will know she can blow your mind she will probably have blonde hair and blue eyes she can probably be self centered but it's her for you. It is probably hard for her to get over fuckboys, she will probably want to be a doctor. She will succeed in being a doctor she will live her dreams. She probably loves her mom and her family. Her dad has to be a ass whole but she Knows he is a waste of time. She is sometimes messy. She says ok a lot. She is not the best at listening. She will probably end up having braces. But she is a kind out going person she is a good role model for everyone and she is stunning. She is a typical girl. She may not be very smart but she is average. She will probably get blamed for everyone else's stuff and get thrown under the buss and get BULLIED a lot because people are jealous. She loves animal's. And is very loyal to her family and friends. She probably looks up to her older sister because her older is really beautiful and is going to success in life. Alyiah Lyn will hold her family together and be the leading angle.
Alyiah Lyn is a Beautiful and outgoing person
by Kathy ben fren May 23, 2018
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