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alvin dating is when you meet someone via myspace} or facebook and start talking to them everyday. it starts to get serious when you start chatting via aim or any other messenger available. When the person gives you his/her personal mobile number, you have definately upgraded to alvin dating!!!! when the person deletes you from myspace, or facebook, you have been alvin dumped! the term alvin comes from alvin texas, where people there think that after talking to someone on aim,text messaging, or myspace your dating and its serious. also you must meet the person through the internet for it to be considered alvin dating. the only good things to come out of alvin is "the dating scene" and nolan ryan!
Dude i met the hottest guy on myspace, we are totally alvin dating now.

ugh i got alvin dumped, he deleted me!
by hot hot helen May 20, 2008
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