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A 9-member K-Pop band
Consists of

B:eta, Ji Ha-yong, leader, former leader of HITT, loud and annoying but still cute as a button, selca king, almost always sings the chorus (lead vocal)
C:ode, Kim Sang-hun, self-proclaimed visual, voted least funny out of the members
D:elta, Choi Yeon-soo, an ((extremely)) attractive human being, amazing vocals (main vocal), is apparently funny if you like documentaries
E:psilon, Yoo Yeong-jin, TEEN TOP Ricky's hyung, cute little shit
F:ie, Lee San-ha, pronounced pie because Koreans can't pronounce "F" correctly, second Huang Zi Tao, looks gangster but is actually sensitive
G:amma, Kim Jun-su, yet another good looking member of the group, vocal
H:eta, Seol Jun, barely gets any parts (none in AB City like wtf), good at eye smiles and acting cute
I:ota, Shin Se-lin, rapper, likes Red Velvet (the group), SHINE ON ME- LET IT SHINE ON ME-, one of the original two members
J:eta, Kim Su-yeob, maknae, ABCDEFG guy, cause of fangirl spasms because of his aegyo
Person A: Are you an ALPHA?
Person B: What's that?
Person A: It's the fandom name of AlphaBAT!
by deerofthegalaxy March 11, 2015
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