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Dominant confident smart powerful big strong sexuality secure a man who is not
afraid to embrace his manhood because he knows who he is and what he alpha bear, alpha bears are very masculine NOT just in their physical appearance but in their mind their heart
and in their soul as well, they wear full beards they are leaders not only by birth but by example they are hard workers who don't beat around the bush they are not lazy by any means they do what it takes to get things done they're goal oriented and will always stopping at nothing until the goal is accomplished no matter what it is, they believe in love and will protect who and what they love...they love to get the party started as well crashing it they are the soul providers for their families, packs, and teammates and when it comes to sex they know exactly what to do when where and exactly how to do it they believe in taking accountability for what they have done and they strongly believe in taking great care of themselves and those around them they love art, positivity, dirty jokes, creativity, music and good food these type of men they're C.E.O's grand fathers fathers husbands uncle's cousins nephews great nephew brothers sons friends soldier's lieutenants captain's generals admirals teachers they are entertainers like: dwayne "the rock" johnson and many other men who fit this category
Hey you see that guy right there damn i heard about him he's an alpha bear that means he's a real man there's nothing pussy about him
by Mr. Too Damn Good December 23, 2017
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