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The feeling a person gets when thier like a cat standing alone in an ally staring at the sky abondond by its former loved ones.

Ally cat girl: (tears running down its cheek)
(a Tom cat boy stagers by and looks at Ally)
Tom cat boy: Whats your damage cat?
Ally cat girl: This has been the day from tragidy.
Tom cat boy: Can't be that bad, your breathing right.
Ally cat girl: My ex's new girlfriend is one of the worst types of people I have ever encounterd.

- Long story short. Tonight is the night of the Hanna Montanna concert. My daughter is attending with her father. His new girlfriend is such a rude bitch that she said I am not allowed to attend the concert with my daughter and them because of her insecurity's and constiant drama about me.
Doesn't she get that she's with him and we are not an item anymore? Says rotten things about me to my children(hurting them badly) and hers with her own rage and selfishness. My son stood up for me and called her a bitch the other day to make her stop. Making the situaTION EVEN WORSE! I mean, don't people understand that all this type of hate is redonculous and kind hearted intentions make people thrive in life more than the put downs of needy social conforming haters. This is Liz's first concert and It is part of a bond I would have liked to be thier for. Just to see the energy and enthusiasm she will have to be able to have that experience would be like whitnessing the heavens come to life tonight.
Tom cat boy: Sounds like the blues to me. Where is your mind over matter?
Ally cat girl: It will meet up with my heart in the limbo of staying away for the best of the situation not to get heated and fueled by Woman drama of the third kind. do you understand now?
Tom cat boy: I just fugx the pussy. I don't get attached to it. Many of cat fights I have seen. even some scars on me from two double teaming me when I got caught. Woah wat a night that was.

Ally cat girl: lol (tears on the tip of her nose)
Tom boy cat: See a laugh cures everything. Be cool cat don't let those ally cat pains get you down!
Ally cat girl: Thank you for talking with me. I was feeling the pain of a thousand knifes tonight. Be jive you jammin cat.
by wolfdg*8in<3&light November 28, 2009
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