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An allnighter high inevitably leads to an allnighter crash. An allnighter crash usually leads to a nap. This nap leads to an allnighter hangover.

Like a regular hangover, an allnighter hangover is characterized by a splitting headache, sensitivity to light, and general overall grumpiness. Unlike a regular hangover, however, an allnighter hangover, in the worst case scenarios, can last for weeks. You take an allnighter, sleep it off in the early evening, then wake up with an allnighter hangover at around 10pm, angry but fully rested. This messes with your chronological clock, makes you take another allnighter, and the cycle never ends.

Your life is now just one long, cyclical pile of shit, and all that to pass one midterm.

Was it worth it? WAS IT?
I shouldn't have stayed up all night three weeks ago... my allnighter hangover has been killing me ever since.
by someguywithajob December 15, 2011
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