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She's a brunette who lives in Alaska. She is the funniest most sarcastic bitch I've ever met. She's probably the only friend I know will always be on my side at the end of the day. She will always put you first before herself. She will repeat everything you say in a sexy voice to make it sound dirty as a joke. She will eat and bleed Tacobell and Redbull. She has the worlds most perfect hourglass figure. Her laugh is really loud so be careful cracking a joke in public. She's taller than your average girl but will beat the shit outta you regaurdless. She's got the worlds most beautiful smile and the universes prettiest pair of hazel eyes.
Kyle: Allies got a big ass
Allie May: I can hear you, & i know.
by Buddyboybuddyboy January 16, 2015
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