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Allenski - An uncommon ship between Stiles Stilinski of Teen Wolf and Barry Allen of CW's The Flash. Although not widely known Allenski has very devout shippers. The name is a combination of both their surnames although sometimes their forenames are added to form 'Starry Allenski'
Person A: 'I ship Stydia SO hard!!'
Person B: 'Well Sciles is for LIFE sooo...'
Person C: *slobbering everywhere* 'SteREk' (Rough Translation: Sterek)
Person D: 'Actually II think Allenski has the most chemistry, they're literally my OTP'
Person A + B + C: 'Wait who's that with'
Person D: 'Nevermind PEASANTS'
by EclecticMess June 13, 2017
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