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slogan: 'show your love for allah as you take a bite into this explosion... of flavor'

-popular in many middle-eastern countries.
tv commercial: an airline attendant asks a man on a plane "what will you be having today sir?" he stands up from his seat, pushes the attendant down and screams 'ALLAHU SNACK BAR!' as he pulls out the candy bar, the explosive flavor blasts a chunk of the plane out, and causes the plane to crash into a building.
by allahifyouhearme April 28, 2010
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When severe munchies start, it's time to hit the fridge/snack food aisle/Taco Bell with the ferocity of a terrorist trying to buy the affection of his/her imaginary friend in the sky. Allahu snackbar is the declaration of intention in such a scenario.
"Dude, is the blunt done?"
"Yeah, why?"
"I'm 'bout to 9-11 your fridge. ALLAHU SNACKBAR!"

Although his friends agreed that it was their favorite moment of the road trip, Steven realized that yelling "ALLAHU SNACKBAR!" in the McDonald's drive-thru was not the smartest idea he'd ever had.
by Dharma Midget November 21, 2016
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Where ISIS troops have their fair share of grace.
Abdullah: Hey, I'm headed to the Allahu Snackbar, wanna come?
Abode: But we're poor us fuck.
Abdullah: Riiiiiiiggggghhhhhhhttttttttt... :(
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by HeatSeeking CuntMissile. October 30, 2017
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