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Creature native to the southeastern US that enjoys games of soccer and track during the respective fall and spring seasons. It germinates best in situations where non native men of European descent are present. The aliette is known for it's mating call which is a screaming laughter.
Girl1: "OMG look how hot that french guy is!"
Girl2: "You're such an aliette"
by acash305 January 22, 2011
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1. A smart, athletic female that prefers to bask in the presence of holy men
2. A women known for eating meals of the 'small-portion' variety
3. The coolest girl to walk this planet, often seen driving the sickest cars (ie. jeeps). She also has a very attractive family ;)
Aliette? The girl that's a beast runner? The one who has a preference for a certain pet? The one with the awesome wall? Yeah I know her, why what's up?
by theycallmeCmoney January 26, 2011
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