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Someone who is an amazing person! One that you can trust, one who can make you laugh in seconds, his a true gentlemen. Someone fun and very bubbly; someone who loves having his fun and is very entertaining! He shows people the right path and helps give guidance and support and is really sweet! Someone to talk to about everything, one who can make you feel so special and overwhelmed.

A handsome guy very good looking and just hot! He is totally different from all guys, he gets girls instantly falling for him, his so charming! His the kind that won't ever hurt you, the one who would do his best to keep you happy and cheered up, one who may be angry but keeps it in, just for the sake of it. Someone who knows how to deal with problems wisely and yet not complain and would just successfully handle it on their own. He is his own man.

He is someone who might have had a bad day but still will act as if it was nothing and lightens up easily, he is truly different, he is simply AMAZING. He turns a bad day to good straight away. He is very special and so awesome! His trustworthy and so caring; super cute and one truly understanding guy. Anyone would be lucky to have someone like Ali Ibrahim in their life.
Ali ibrahim loves his sexy wife
Ali ibrahim loves his family
Ali ibrahim is cute
Ali ibrahim is caring
Ali ibrahim loves his other half
Ali ibrahim is funny
Ali ibrahim has a beautiful personality
by Misses_ayy; his wifey T January 10, 2014
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