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Nickname. Generally a tall boy with broad shoulders and straight but flippy hair. Very easy to get distracted by him. Athletic and usually smells good. Downfall is his bunny teeth. Has many friends, not necesarily straight ones, but lots. Very hot person.
Random Girl: WOAH he's sexy *wink*
An Alfo: Ha-Ha What?
by Thomas Ines May 23, 2008
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An alfo is a person who fucks anything that walks. One that can be viewed as a pussy magnet. not only is said person a fuckable human being but he is also a hard core gangster who made it his mission to track down and murder unstable niggers
Random guy- "I got robbed by a nigger"
His Friend- "Call Alfo"

Random Broad- "I got fucked so nicely yesterday and i didnt even get his name..."
Random Friend-"his name was probably alfo"
by Caliman214 November 03, 2010
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