Winner of the 5th UK series of X Factor - who didnt really deserve to win; the proof of which is evident in that she hasn't released a single song in a whole year...

...and her first (and only) was ripped off the late singer/songwriter legend Jeff Buckley.
"Hey dude, how do you spell 'pointless key change mid-song to make the artist appear more musical and disguise the fact they have no creative ideas to enhance their s**t cover other than to resort to cheap, lazy modulations in order to appeal to their generic-music-loving audience of 13 people, and similar in every way to leona lewis other than doesn't write songs and so doesn't really deserve to be associated with the music industry?"
"Yeah dude it's A-L-E... actually the name isnt worth spelling. alexandra burke. go figure."
by phoenix_22 July 25, 2009
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