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a person who enjoys to catch all types of objects and things like people and alex will most certainly deny that he catches but deep on the inside he knows and so does everyone else. alex's generally listen to bands like rise against and nofx because they "catch" a good taste in music. they also have friends named larry jon ryan billy and others so that they have a varying amount of people to catch.a catch.
person: why is alex cutler wearing a catchers mitt he doesnt need one
other person: because hes a catcher.
person: hey alex im gonna go
alex: ok il catch you later
by kamikazi1178 June 04, 2011
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a person famous for catching alot of various objects and people all at once. he is not well known.
dude did you just see that!!? alex cutler just caught five planets, a dog, 73 people, a fire truck, two bananas and my butt all with his left nipple!
by kamikazi1178 July 18, 2011
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