Alethephobia Derivation: Phobia's (fears) are derived from the ancient Greek. "aletheia" is ancient Greek for "truth".

Alethephobia is Fear of Truth. It can fall into several categories. As a condition it is treated as irrational fear putting the person in an incapacitated state of mobility to a racing anticipation at the mildest. It can be fear of discovery. Fear of hearing anticipated bad news. It is knowledge of the truth being potentially disclosed and disseminated. It transverses other well known and otherwise described phobias but always is rooted in fear of the truth subjectively, objectively, relatively, or as a primary motivator of basis in individual condition.

1) Fear of discovery of the truth.

a. “Adam’s alethephobia started the moment he thought he’d be just like god. It went away when the truth was exposed”

b. “The doctor noticed she had a slight involuntary alethephobic tremble as he walked into the waiting room.

c. “Muhammad reached for the phone as his heart raced with alethephobic terror running through his mind”
2) Fear of Machiavellians, Dark Triad high psychological individuals, and those who plan to do or commit harm of the truth if discovered of their intentions.
a. “You’re suffering from alethephobia though you just haven’t realized it yet. The rest of us have. You may want to rethink your life”
b. “Place alethephobia in the hearts of those who deceive for the truth that is hidden will be revealed”.
alethephobia, fear of truth
by Perceiving Reality April 6, 2015
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