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Alaurra is a fun, pretty (sometimes beautiful, hot, cute, baked ugly potato, or burnt cookie), unique, creative, adventures, soft-hearted, easily loving, forgiving, forgetful, nice, smart, hard working, annoying, and very caring person. She will always support you and not judge and show you respect ,if you deserve it. She has many flaws but will still always be accepted by others. She can be boring, too serious, violent, stupid/dumb, quiet, sad, judgmental ( but only when she NEEDS to be),rude, and mean. But she is definitely not the type of person you first think of as negative. She will always be there for those who need her. And never forget those that she has cared about, even if she (or you) became distant and now awkward. Treat her as if she were your mother and best friend in the whole entire world. She can be a grumpy old grandpa ( or your mom when the dishes are dirty), or a inappropriate/weird/uncomfortable stalker, or a hip fun loving grandma. But that in the inside she's a really great person, and you'll be happy or proud that you met her.
My friend's name is Alaurra. It's spelled very weird. Oh well that just makes her more unique.
by Lalatownes2003 March 13, 2017
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