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The most overrated and overused song on the earth. It is a predecessor of Darude - Sandstorm or 009 sound system, but unlike them, it is not only used much in youtube videos, it can also be heard everywhere, such as radios , TVs, in the mall etc. The song is the remake of Fade which was released on NCS in 2014. While the structure and melody are almost identical, "Faded" is noticeably different for its piano intro; with vocals by Iselin Solheim. As it became a hit in 2015, Alan walker immediately got millions of new fans, sadly, most of them don't know a shit about his other music like Fade, Force and Spectre, also they cannot even realise the difference between Fade and Faded, but ignores it anyway.
"To be honest, I've never liked Fade. I've always found it pretty bland and boring, and the mix of it was pretty shit. The vocal version is listenable now that they cleared up the mix and master, and the acoustic parts are decent, but it's still boring to me."

"alan walker - faded is pure cancer song."

"Hate it a lot, one of the worst songs ever, if not the worst"

Random person: "What is the name of the song playing in the background of this video?"
Captain :"It's alan walker fade"
Dumbass :"No its faded, I heard this song"
Captain :"Bitch. It's FADE"
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by CWProkiller February 04, 2017
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