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A girl's name coming from the Indian word meaning "shape", "your image", "beautiful form," and "innocence." The correct meaning is "An image which outshines every other outline of every creation on this earth whether living or non living." People with this name are kind, caring, quiet, calm, laid back, cute, beautiful, loving and sometimes talkative. They are introverts who love making friends but usually face the topic problem. They're ambitious yet lazy. They have deep thoughts which they prefer keeping to themselves and don't open up to people easily. If you give them your 100% they'll make sure to give you their 200%. They love being praised or appreciated as it motivates them to do better. Writing about them could take a whole day!

As it's a noun it can be spelled as Akruti, Aakruti, Akriti, Aakriti etc.
Lucky to have that name, Akruti!
by Jigglyjolly April 10, 2017
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