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verb - to commit a wrongful act and not accept blame, to take advantage of someone or abuse authority, or to give poor service and not accept responsibility
That waiter tried to airfrance me by claiming I ordered something else.
It wasn't until we got home and noticed my lipstick was missing from my jacket that I realized the coat check lady airfranced me.
by captain spriggs December 24, 2010
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Letting out a rancid blast of ass wind upon someone who is stationary, I.e. In their office, in their car, at their computer, then moving on. Different from a crop dusting because the gas is not delivered while in motion.
Charlie walks into Sean's office
Sean: Hi Charlie, what can I do for you?
Charlie:... Air France!
Sean: What? What's that OH GOD DAMN IT SWEET JESUS
Charlie gallant strolls off
by The Fugazi Ghost April 13, 2016
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