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Teenage girls who are very mainstream, and think they know all there is to know about, well, mainstream stuff. Develop crushes on musicians, actors, random guys very easily, and change crushes regularly.
These girls are usually found in groups of about 3 to 9, with a leader who usually has more influence over the other group members.
These girls can usually be convinced into anything, but will fight anyone who rejects what they believe in. These girls usually lose these fights.
Air Headed Teenage Girl- OMG Chris Brown is soooooo hot!

Smart Teen Girl- Well I'm gonna go listen to my indie bands now, and think about William Beckett... good luck with that.


Air Headed Teenage Girl- OMG OMG OMG Pete Wentz is so hot!

Smart Teen Girl- OMG OMG OMG who cares.
by JjeanoO September 01, 2008
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A girl between the ages of 13 and 19 who only likes something because it's cute or 'hawt'. They are usually stupid too, and most likely vain.
Air headed teenage girl - OMG! I totally love this band!
Non air-headed girl - Oh, what do they sing?
Air headed teenage girl - I dunno, but the singer's HAWT!!!!
Non air-headed girl - You're such an air-head...
Air-head - What's an air-head?
by ~HeYa~ September 05, 2010
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