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verb - the act of putting an individual's AIM name on one's buddy list, yet never attempting to communicate with said individual. Stalkee may never learn of stalker's existence, due to chronic shyness and "pussy" like behavior often exhibited by stalkers that are watching prey of the opposite sex. A favorite activity of stalkers (which often plays a large role in stalking) is the habitual (some may call it psychotic or obsessive) checking of stalkee's AIM away messages.

Advanced cases of AIM stalking has odd effects on the stalker. They may develope an unhealthy sense of companionship (most likely as derived from frequently checking away messages) due to their familiarity with stalkee's schedule, favorite activities, and computer habits. Stalker may subconsciously begin to refer to his target as his "girlfriend" even though stalkee, of course, has never met him. (Pronouns can of course be reversed, but aim stalkers tend to be male, according to a Princeton study
I am AIM stalking a girl, ever since I found her AIM name on a bathroom wall.
by Josh Donos August 29, 2005
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