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'Aidiel' adalah seorang yang kacak, hensem dan bergaya. Diminati oleh ramai gadis seksi. Nilai murni yang korang belajar kat sekolah tu semua 'Aidiel' ada. Berkemungkinan tinggi siapa yang cakap 'Aidiel' tak hensem tu BUTA.
"Aidiel betul la hg ni!"
Bermaksud:"Hensem betul la hg ni!"
by Makhlok kacak December 28, 2017
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Aidiel is such a cute boy.Have a great appearance and sexy ass.Not to fat or to fit.Just fine and adorable.Always be the one who makes another person's day.Can manage problems as a piece of cake.Easy to make friends.At first,look arrogant but at last,he was so nice.He likes to help and have people advice but after all,he s the one that hurt so much.INSIDE!!!.He can do,singing,modeling,and also got a great character.So much fun.Never have enemy even one.But people will attach him as one of their enemy because he was to kind and people likes him so much.Once you get into his life,you will never out.But,after a long time didnt see each other.He will shy af.As conclusion,he was so nice and he was everythingg needed.
I got a sexy friend which is aidiel and he is so adorable than his friends
by a cute lil guy April 22, 2018
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