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a beautiful short ass sassy latina who will steal you mans in .53 seconds. always loyal but will always be a flirt. brown hair brown eyes thicc asf. She is the literal definition of lady in the streets freak in the sheets. this sassy little Puerto Rican mami will make you think she likes you but sorry you are sadly mistaken she can not handle the flirtyness it happens you can be ugly as a damn rat and she will still be a flirt but not have any intension to bang you or date u. mocha baby born and raised she will go from 0-100 real quick trust me these crazy Spanish bitches sexy but loca. wife her up barbie doll golden skin coconut titties. wife her wife her wife her.
Damn Juan you got yourself a crazy bitch but she bad as hell she's such an Aidaliza.
by T-hammy August 29, 2017
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