The irrational fear of palindromes (words that read the same forwards and backwards).
Dude 1: Hey, what's your name?
Dude 2: Bob.
Dude 1: AAAAAAAAAAH! *Runs and hides behind sofa*
Bob: Wow.
Dude 1: AAAAAAAAAAH! *Runs away and falls down stairs*
by Lucky Luc April 1, 2005
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The term used for the fear of palendromes. Sadly, the word aibohphobia is, in itself, a palendrome.
person 1: I think you have aibohphobia
person 2: AHHH
by Hornet65 September 3, 2007
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n. fear or phobia of palindromes. Etymology: palindromic form of "phobia" - "palindrome" itself from Greek παλινδρώμοσ meaning "back-running", ie. "a running back or recurrence". In Greek -φοβία (from φόβοσ meaning "fear") the emphasis is on the "i"; in English usage on the "o". Pronunciation in IPA: {aibofob'i:a} (international) or {aibo(ü)f'oübia} (English).
Scene: café
Date: 1 February 2010
Context: we enter in the middle of a conversation between two people who do not know each other very well

Eve: (hesitantly) I should mention - I am aibhophobic.
Otis: Aibohphobia!? With a name like that?! Are you on the level, madam?!?
Eve: *coughs* *eyes bulge*
Otis: (mischievously) kinda reminds of the time some guy kissed me off with "Sit on a potato pan, Otis!".
Eve: *scratches head uncontrollably*
Otis: (rubbing chin thoughtfully) still, that wasn't nearly as bad as when Delia failed to borrow or rob the Evil Olive.
Eve: *now very agitated, punches Otis accidentally*
Otis: wtf?! Dammit I'm mad!!!
Eve: I'm sorry, this date really isn't working out for me *leaves*
Otis: (to self) somehow I just knew we shoulda rescheduled.
by March 28, 2010
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another name of phobia made by sadistic people that love to watch the world suffer it is a fear of palindromes
- i think i have a fear of palindromes

- you mean aibohphobia ?

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1. Do you have aibohphobia?
2. Not so, Boston!
by Devon Lehman October 12, 2007
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(Pronounced: "Eye-bow-phobia")

"An extreme, reactionary, & debilitating fear of palindromes"
Phil: "Look: I know you just met Mary, so let me clue you in on something that may not occur to you until it's too late and you've already stepped in it: Mary has aibohphobia, so try to avoid using palindromes in your sentences, OK?
by A. Realking July 11, 2008
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Once you realize what this is, you may possibly bring to life a real fear for palindromes because they....are.. everywhere.. . Aibohphobia
by velofellow January 13, 2013
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