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Ahniya is a loyal beautiful friend who would never be fake to her closest friends just because you were in a bad mood. And she would never leave her friends out but it’s okay because Ahniya is leaving anyways
by Peyton jjjjj January 07, 2018
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She is is very beautiful. better than most people at basketball. She also is a popular kid doesn’t have to try to fit in. She is smart and very fun to be around.
I like hanginging around that girl. What girl is her name ahniya
by Ishdvpiy May 05, 2018
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Hot girl with a low self esteem. She is always loyal to her friends but doesn't show it often. She used to get angry easily but with practice she is one of the most chillest people. Always have you an Ahniya!!!
by idk.bish May 26, 2018
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