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Well agnst is something that comes from the music that teens listen like from first to last and the fall of troy and AFI....give teens a type of anxiety a type of anxiousness that cant be stopped...includes constantly moving of your hands and legs and always messing with something or like tapping your feet all the time tapping to the beat of the music....ater excessive lisntening to music genres like emo, screamo, indie, metal.....if you find yourself tapping your foot while your reading this or looking around...and if you find yourself always moving your most likely suffer from Agnst....but your not really suffering its a normal and safe thing.
Tapping your feet.

Tapping your feet to the beat of music.

Always moving you hands.

Cant sit still.

This is Agnst.

A constant restlesness.

Never really focusing.
by Suave man emo January 18, 2007
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