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The name Agalyan is far fetched and extremely exotic dating back to the 17th century of Sri Lankia, in the tropical baywatch of Galle where empreor Suti Buti Karan gave birth to a genderfluid pansexual atheist leopard named Agalyan.

To celebrate it's birth the emperor held a party, many celebrity figures were invited such as Abdul Moiz, an inspirional eater and tutor who taught people like Katty Perry and ImDatto how to masturbate.

Half way through the Party,Suti Buti Karan was shockingly assassinated which startled and saddened the whole Empire of Sri Lanka.Although many speculated the ruler was killed by his own administration to subvert conflict with western countries trying to steal the treasures of 'Agalyan'.

However this only amplified the problem as many citizens now felt their government was against them causing

the counrty to be in great international and social turmoil. This rogue state (Sri lanka) is still in poor shape today with unfortunatley one of the lowest Human Rights records recorded in the Worlds history (gg bois).

However the legacy of the King still remains with citizens still to this day reminiscing the name 'Agalyan' and of course 'Moiz'.
Wow Man look at Him!
Yo for real, like dead ass he looks like an Agalyan!

OMG for sure dude!
Let's go talk him.
by Oredada June 21, 2018
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