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An awesome vidio by Paint about the Disney princesses Ariel, Jasmin, Bell, and Pocahontas, and the problems they face after all their dreams came true. Find it on YouTube, or really anywhere on the Internet.

Ariel: I loved being princess down in this beautiful ocean blue. But mermaids are going missing, they end up in someone's stew.......

Jasmin: hey I'm ok but I'm slightly scarred my husband's a mark on the war on terror, Aladdin has been taken by the CIA......

Bell: This town's gone crazy since I married Adem, they think I'm going straight to Hell! But the charges laid in me, for Bestiality, could wind up getting me put in a cell!......

Pocahontas: after John smith traveled back to England, I helped my people cultivate the field. More English, French, and Spaniards came to visit, but they greeted us with guns and germs and steel.
disney parody princess after ever after
by Balletspaz February 21, 2014
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