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Non-Africans who continually speak of the mystery and greatness of Africa and all that is African, worked/working somewhere in Africa and making it a life achievement to live there but not hailing from an African country. Afrosluts, usually white European or American and female, believe that they are well educated, intellectual and have or desire African partners/friends. They commonly enjoy spending time learning Swahili, eating matoke, fufu or semolina. Afrosluts are convinced that they are a special breed of humans because they believe they have interests or follow a lifestyle that is “unique” or “different” (and therefore their interest in Africa in the first place) and tend to stay away from the mainstream. So they usually listen to some underground genre of music, mostly hip-hop and never get tired of watching some art movie concerning Africa or Africans. They also have the uncanny ability to work Africa or Africans into any conversation on any topic. Though a fairly common trait amongst them and widely known by non-Afrosluts, they also have a penchant for imitating African dance moves in parties and not succeeding.
Oh gee..look, there is an african in the disco. Go get him, you afroslut!!
by Afroslutter September 03, 2009
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