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A term generally used to describe someone of african american decent who perscribes to a counter-culture asthetic. A black person who is into hardcore rock, postpunk, emo or any other look aside from "hip hop" is considered an afropunk.
The afropunk movement is due in part to James Spooner's documentary which chronicles the lives of black people who live alternatively. for more info about the afropunk movement check out spooner's website
(Adj)I love bad brains and fishbones, i'ge got dyed hair and piercings. I'm an afropunk.

(n)I dyed my hair jet black,wear a lot of eyeliner and mascara,and listen to dashboard confessionals, most people think I'm emo but I am afropunk.

(BS) I like Avril Lavinge and Good Charlotte,unfortunately I too am an afropunk
by jazzmebaby June 21, 2005
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Afro-punk—(n.) (Adj.)

1. A person of Black or African decent who adheres to both an Afrocentric—African pride and knowledge of Black contributions throughout history—and punk ideology, such as antiestablishment and antiauthoritarian political beliefs; corporate disdain and distrust of law enforcement.

Common characteristics of afropunks include wearing hair in a natural, chemical-free state such as afros, twists, braids, or dreadlocks; multiple piercings often running down the entire ear and/or unusual piercings such as septum rings, tragus, nape, and dermal anchors not normally seen on Black people; stretched earlobes; turbans and head wraps; vegetarianism; eclectic taste in music including all genres and decades; activism in community; skateboarding and surfing; love of travel/ wanderlust; and marijuana use.
Afropunks also tend to date and marry outside of their race and/or nationality, which differentiates them from traditional Afro centrism. Afropunks often lead nontraditional and bohemian lifestyles, often choosing entrepreneurship and/or artistic careers as musicians, actors, writers, indie filmmakers, or spoken word artists.

2. A person with an Afro-punk mentality but does not necessarily display any outward afropunk characteristics
Skipping class to get baked and then go to a Soundgarden concert is so Afro-punk.”

“Growing your dreads out over your ears so that you won’t have to remove your piercings for work is so Afro-punk.”
by Splyce January 05, 2010
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