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A sexual position where the guy is behind the lady. And when her arms are on her hips he places his arms through hers and pulls back her legs and, with a grip on the ankle and fucks the shit out of her
Girl 1: I was fucked like an african bullfrog last night
Girl 2: Was it good?
Girl 1: Amazing.
by Jasvk May 06, 2003
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A frog that inhabits the moon to fall from the sky and mate with the other frogs of the world. Nobody knows why they're refereed to as "African" but mainly because they happen to land in Africa. The frog after mating dies. When the babies are old enough they build the their space ship to travel back into space, frogs where the first in space not humans. Frogs also invented what people call time travel. Yes a frog knows when you will die, scary don't you think?
Man in Space: Wow, did you see that?
Man in Space2: Yeah that was a African Bull frog.
Man in Space: Didn't they invent Time Travel?
Man in Space2: Yeah, and one had an affair with my wife.
by Calvin Lewis June 25, 2010
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