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A demi-female hybrid between a angel and a demon. An Aexien (A-ax-E-in) may have first formed as a Demon and transformed to a Angel or the other way around but it is not the off spring of the two. The demi-male form of the Aexien is called an Aexote (ax-oat). The off spring of a Aexien and a Aexote may be either a Aexien or Aexote. Aexien/Aexotes cannot breed with any other being other than other Aexien/Aexotes and humans. If an Aexien/Aexote breeds with a human the Aexien/Aexote will cease to exist once the off spring is born and the off spring will be infertile although they will be immortal.
The Aexien gazed down at her human partner.

The Aexote gazed down at his human partner.

An Aexien/An Aexote
by Glabellafact April 23, 2018
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