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This guy is mysterious yet so predictable, He first comes out as a rough nut and doesn't treat people with all respect, but once you get to know him he is by far the most amazing person. He treats girls with the cutest respect, he gets along with all the guys and leads the group, he accepts people for what they truely are and wont let your further then friend feelings interupt the relationship you already had and doesnt make it akward. He stares into your eyes with he's flourishing blue eyes that sparkle and let you see right deep into his soul, this guy isnt the guy that all the chicks go for but the ones who really see his true beauties fall deep deep inlove with him and as an extra he has an AMAZING body, tanned skin, blue eyes, brown hair and is just overall the most magnicient person ever
Im inlove
who with?
Addicus i love every single part of him
by blueblae May 02, 2011
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