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Adam Taurus is a current side villan from the episodic/fantasy/animated show RWBY , made by Rooster Teeth and the lovely late Monty Oum. He is voiced by Garret Hunter.

This guy is an over-dramatic, dickish, psychopathic, and in my opinion, the ultimate badass of the show. I mean, come on! Have you seen his skill and semblance?! Design?! His design mainly uses the colours black and red and has been deemed one of the best designs in the series. Right now he's been causing a biiiiit of pain- he's been a key factor in helping the show spiral down into it's even darker themes.

If you wanna see more, look him up kiddos.
"Yeah, I don't think Adam Taurus is redeemable at this point."
"Adam Taurus is an asshole."
"I respect Adam Taurus, because he's the *only* villain in the series that is truly a villain-villain. That's why everyone hates him- because they sympathize and believe they have good qualities to them."
"I'm currently in a love-hate relationship with this dude."
by BitchIKnow August 24, 2016
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