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Original Roger in the Broadway musical RENT. Also in movie, but he was most definitely better on stage and in the Broadway album.

He has a raspy yet strong and booming voice, and it is very very sexy. He is the greatest male singer ever.
A: Hey, is that guy Adam Pascal?
B: Well, is he the hottest thing you've ever seen in your life?
A: No.
B: Then it's not him.
by AmandaaaMe June 04, 2006
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The singer/actor who originated the part of Roger in the rock musical Rent. Also has released two solo rock CD's, Model Prisoner and Civilain. He's also really hot.
Person One: You know that guy who's in rent, Adam Pascal? He's pretty hot.
Person Two: Damn straight!
by liz topaz June 28, 2005
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The most over-rated performer to ever appear in the musical Rent, who continues to return to the show and half-ass his way through it when he can't get any other jobs.
Adam Pascal Fangirl: OMG!!!! No one will ever be better dan ADAM!! He was the bestest Roger EVER!!!!!!111!

Sensible Renthead: No, honey, he wasn't.
by nnkay July 27, 2009
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