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If something sucks something sucks but if something sucks infinitly, like losing something you really need 7 hours before you really needed it its abtreiniolignant... Sourced from the mind of Dusty Scott, the cool blogger guy on Diaryland and Atlanta Illustrated.
"In my infinite idiocy, I left one of my pads of paper at the bookstore today. I returned after I realized my mistake to find that someone had walked off with it. No one had any idea where it was at all. This sucks in a gigantic way because it had the illustration that was to be the next cover of Link Magazine in it. Said illustration was to be delivered to Link in exactly seven hours, and now I get to look forward to calling the editor and explaining what a megalodouche I am. It sucks yet again because it had an unfinished portrait of a kid in it so now I get to start all over on that and that sucks so much " - Dusty Scott
by jillathee May 03, 2005
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