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A well-rounded, lively group of elite seamen who are unafraid to face the elements of Bristol Harbor. Sailing is the favorite past time, only of course behind frisbee. We're more than a cult than anything. There is always so much room for activities! We're sweaty not cause we were watching Cops, we were fcking shit up! Exceptional in sailing, however not in driving the mini buses, these sailors will make your wetsuits wetter and your drysuits...well they'll get wet anyway. We always try to abide rule #69.3 section b- "Never screw your crew". But since the rules are more like guidelines..something is usually blowing out there other than the wind....
What can you say, we're the best ASS out there: Abbey Sailing Squadron
kid 1: Hey are you part of the abbey sailing team ?
kid 2: yeah its fantastic!
by wagonwheeler123 April 03, 2010
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