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(alt. spellings: abaha, abahaaa, aba- prefix, chiefly British abaghaoea) (common pronunciation: ah-bah-HAH) interj. 1. a jocular expression that marks a high level of haughtiness and/or absurdity in a person, thing or situation. See pshaw. 2. a common verbal expression. 3. a common greeting among friends or complete strangers.

prefix 1. denotes an air of pinache.

adjective. 1. of immense importance or of interest. 2. of great quality. 3. incredible gumption.
interjection: "Abahaa!"

prefix: "This German Chocolate cake is abascrumptious."

adjective: "Your dapper friend with the pipe is quite abahaa."
by Dean Edwards June 24, 2007
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