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drummer/ vocalist for the Christian post-hardcore band Underoath. He is the only original member still with the band. He also has a side-project named The Almost. He plays with Meinl cymbals, Pro-mark drumsticks, and Truth custom drums. He has red hair. Aaron won musician of the month in AP magazine. He was raised in a poor family and could not afford cymbals for his first drumset as a child. Instead, his father fashioned cymbals out of some sheet metal. His father put in sprinkler systems for a living, so he traded the job for the drum kit to a doctor.
Aaron Gillespie rocks in Underoath and The Almost!
by llamainthepasture August 13, 2006
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aaron roderick gillespie, born july 18, 1983 in clearwater fl.

likes U2, cooking, tattoos

drummer of underoath
singer of the almost

the hottest man ever to live, plus he is a christian...too bad he is taken

person 1: "so who is the hottest person ever?"

me: "are you kidding? AARON GILLESPIE is the sexiest mofo out there!"
by umm_amy August 04, 2007
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