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0. Means "bright power" in Sanskrit

1. An awesome individual, in general.

2. A fighter pilot in training

3. An individual who believes in a Communist economy

4. An "aamoyzzz" refers to an extreme (on either the bad or good side).

5. An "aamoy shot" refers to the extremely accurate hockey shot that an aamoy has the ability to make. This term can be applied to various other types of shots, including but not limited to gunshots, slingshots, other sports, etc....

6. An overanalyst.

7. An individual who cannot control his anger and is extremely violent. (This feature can be toggled in the new version)

8. An individual who wants to program his conscience into some sort of Linux kernel

9. A compulsive liar (although this feature was removed in the new version)
"Dude, I aamoyzzzed that test man!!! I totally aced it."

"You made a Linux kernel of yourself. What an aamoy."

"I would like you to write an essay, using the aamoy method."

"So, aamoy, how is flight training?"

"Nice aamoy shot!!!!"
by sarikap. June 10, 2009
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