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1. A cluster fuck of flaccid male genitalia; flopping, spinning, and also (in most cases) participating in a gratuitous amount of group penetration.

A) Often correlated with the traveling group "Dicks For Days" who spend their time nude and "windmilling" for commuters, passer-by's, and pedestrians on the sides of busy highways. Also well known for their delicious crumb cakes.

2. Slang terminology for the flailing motion made by a civilian when the arms and hands are thrown in a "skiing" motion as if the participant was 'balls deep' in a sweaty bukkake.

1. "Im bored man..." - "Oh i got a shwing shwangin idea dude! lets jump on I-80 and see if we come across a gaggle of dicks!" - "FLOP YEAH MAN!"

2. When that douche bag you thoroughly dislike slips on black ice, you get to yell "You looked like you were catching a gaggle of dicks!" with a smarmy smile on your face, and then proceed to promptly resume previous business.
by stewpoowoo February 24, 2014
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