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A repressed homesexual who uses blonde highlights in his hair in order to mimic actors from the aussie soap "home and away". He weightlifts excessively due to his extreme sexual frustration,inturn singing the theme tune of the latter soap mentioned all the while fantasizing about having gay sex while licking the deformed ears of borderline down syndromes.
The Mudgepacker is almost always in the company of overweight ginger haired lesbians. Scientists believe this is due to the man-like appears of the lesbian, who the mudgepacker can use as a kind of fag hag, without giving away his homosexually repressed ambitions
Guy 1- Ya see that guy there!

Guy 2- What that fruit with the blonde streaks standing next to that ginger haired fella

Guy 1-That ginger is a girl!

Guy 2- Fuck! looks like a man...but anyway what about the blonde fag with the fruity tight vest

Guy 1- His name is Ben and he is an.......

Guy 2- An Arse Bandit

Guy 1- No worst....he is a...wait for it....

Guy 2- What tell me

Guy 1- He's a Mudgepacker

Guy 2- Fuck! no way.....fuck
by closereachdayhomeandaway March 13, 2010
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