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1. To persistently sit at ones computer on a harley davidson, head adorned with an orange helmet while your children scream in the background and your hairy backed wife cooks you bacon eggs as you share morning coffee with other chatters. The use of derogatory terms towards female chatters commonly used at 5 second intervals, if rejected the madbiker will open up a "PM", also known as a private message, and send you 'dirty links', with the intention to ddos you or trojan you.

2. Scott

3. mainerslovergirl1
the _madbiker_: G'morning chatters
female user: hello madbiker
the _madbiker_: show me your tits, you dirty slut
female user: how about I straddle your face and shed my uterus all in your mouth first, you nasty pig.
the _madbike_: < big baby cry + kids screaming in background while wife flips bacon > THAT'S IT, IMA DDOS YOU, YOU STUPID FUCKING CUNT
by KieLei January 14, 2010
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