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Zzaps, a name often given to people with mental problems. These sorts of people have been known to commit extreme acts of obscenities upon themselves and on other people, in way of abuse and self mutilation.
A real life sick-o, to be avoided at all costs.
Person: zaaps what have you done?!?!
Zzaps: I've torn myself another asshole! Avo0ts!
Person: why they hell.....?
Zzaps: so i can spend less time shitting, more time grinding!
Person: /ignore
by WTFFTWBBQHACKZORONEON!!111 January 30, 2006
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The sound made when a woman falls butt first into a toilet without a seat.
She squealed as she went zzap into the toilet late that night.
by Drysdale May 04, 2005
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